Vortex Healing

Vortex healing is a healing art which works on the basis that each human experiences itself as being separate, a single point or focus of energy. However we also operate within a larger intelligent energy field of consciousness, and its this realisation/awakening that VortexHealing works on embodying.

Each individual human experience is made up of layers of conditioning which can be affected by many things such as our genetics and ancestral heritage, previous incarnations, and also our current belief systems and experiences adopted in this present life. All of these different layers can contribute to difficulties or suffering on our mental/emotional bodies, our physical body, and can also affect how we show up and relate to the world and our relationships with ourselves and others.

VortexHealing is a system that looks at and supports a person holistically, taking into account their whole being through all layers of consciousness and existence, and through all aspects of the bodies energy system, including energy pathways such as the nadi’s and meridian lines.

Sessions with Lucy usually last around 1 Hr and are £75. In-person and remote sessions are available.

Here is a (lengthy) interview with the founder of Vortex Healing. When you have time, sit back with a cuppa and enjoy!

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