Yoga Classes in Brighton & Hove

Vajrasati Yoga is rooted in Hatha and Iyengar inspired practise. Drawing on the rich philosophy of the traditional 8 limbed astanga path and includes the use of props such as blocks, belts, blankets, bolsters etc to help encourage and support the body/mind to explore, breathe, and release old habitual holding patterns on all levels. These classes can be varied and include dynamic and static postures, breathing practices (pranayama), mudra’s, mantra, and meditation.

Yoga classes in Brighton

The Yin influenced Hatha classes are a much slower paced class. We always start with some gentle warming practises to get the body moving, and then the rest of the class we flow through different postures focusing on sublimating energy up through the chakra system. We hold postures for 5-10 minutes, relaxing muscles and dropping into stillness, so every posture is an invitation and opportunity for meditation. Lucy also often uses Vortex energy healing within the group to aid and support peoples energy system.

Lucy is also available for private yoga classes in Brighton & Hove, either one-to-one or group sessions. Bespoke packages including a mix of some or all of the offerings available can be arranged, which can be tailored specifically to a person or person’s particular needs.